Saturday, September 12, 2009

International Baptist Theological Seminary

In the past several years, George spent more than a year doing volunteer work at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague. Part of the reason for the trip was to meet up with old friends, some of whom I had met briefly when I was there in 2001. IBTS occupies a former palace, with some beautiful buildings surrounding a central courtyard. There is a magnificent theological library. The campus is home to numerous conferences as well as academic students.

These buildings face the courtyard. The patio, I think, is new since 2001.

The window is the computer room. One morning when I went there to check email, I noticed the little birdhouse. I'm not sure whether it was put there because birds were nesting there or if it is meant to attract birds. It's in a fairly public area and didn't seem to be occupied at the time.
As with many of the castles in the Czech Republic, it sits on a steep hill -- the better to defend it, eh? The courtyard is on the lower level, the dormitories much higher. This stairway from courtyard to dorm level has about 48 steps.
When not in use for conferences, the facility operates as the Hotel Jeneralka. Our rooms were on the top floor, with wonderful dormer windows overlooking the hillside, which rose behind the building.
One morning I saw movement in the grass and an unfamiliar bird call. It was a ring-necked pheasant! While I was growing up, we had a stuffed pheasant around. I remember stroking its silky feathers. I think my father shot it, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it was a real treat to see one in the wild.

The last photos are architectural details, of interest to me and other miniaturists. My next project will be a Bohemian inn and restaurant, so I was ever alert to details that might apply. This terracotta railing is on one of the terraces.

The next three photos are of roofs typical of the area. The first is red metal, standing seam.The next is also metal. I include it for the snowbirds that hold back the snow in the winter so it doesn't come crashing down on those below. Lloyd grew up in New Orleans. He didn't know about snowbirds.
The last roof is slate with an interesting shingle pattern. I think I'll use this for the inn. Click on the photo to enlarge it for details.
Other architectural details.

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