Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kutna Hora - Saint Barbora's Church

The Church of Saint Barbora [spelled Barbara in English] is one of the most famous Gothic churches in Europe. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It was begun in 1388 with a design of epic proportion but was not completed until 1905. Construction was dependent on the prosperity of the local silver mines, which became much less productive. Mining silver and minting coins was the primary source of income. The only non-religious statue in the church is this one of a miner wearing the hooded cloak the miners wore.
Some frescoes depicting the secular life of the medieval mining town have been partially preserved.

The stained glass windows are magnificent. This is just one of more than a dozen in the church, each one a magnificent depiction of a meaningful scene.

I was particularly impressed with the wood carving in the church. The end of each pew had a different design.

I spotted this facade as we walked toward the old mint, where our little band opted not to tour but to sit in the shade and drink a Coke.

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