Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Log Cabin Summer Home

One day our cousins Martin and Slavka took us outside of Pilsen, to the mountains of Southern Bohemia, where their family has a log cabin, for a picnic lunch. Martin's father had seen the cabin elsewhere and one day asked the owner if he would sell it. It was dismantled and rebuilt on their land. It began as a barn/storage building, so windows were added, but otherwise it stands as it has for more than 350 years. It is very rare and is under the protection of the Czech state.
Thank you, Martin, for sharing the picture. I was so taken with the place that I neglected to take photos outside. Lloyd didn't take any photos at all! We really enjoyed our visit there.
This is a photo of Martin picking squashes from the garden. George looked right at home at the head of the table. Notice the painted cupboard in the corner. Martin's brother, Jiri (George), painted this and other furniture in the place.

While we were there, Martin phoned his neighbor down the hillside to come visit. He and his family lived in California for several years during the time of unrest, where he worked as a postal carrier. All of the family has now returned to their homeland.

This beehive fireplace and the woodburning oven/cookstove behind Lloyd are used for heating the place in the colder months. The stove burners are on the other side of the oven and the kitchen area is in the back corner.

This is the kitchen area, with a tiny sink in the corner. There is running water in the place, but no toilet. There's a little house outside for necessary business.

A collection of local ceramics decorates one wall. The ones on the top row are antiques; the ones below are modern reproductions. Both are beautiful.
Slavka put out a nice luncheon for us. The cupboard behind her is more of Jiri's artistry.

My favorite item in the cabin was the antique chest. I'd like to duplicate it and several other elements of this lovely cabin in miniature.

This chest is more of Jiri's handiwork.

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