Sunday, September 13, 2009


Although the great Catholic reformer, Jan Hus, was burned at the stake in 1415, he can be considered the spiritual cofounder of Tabor, along with Jan Zizka, who led the Hussite forces and is considered the greatest warrior of Czech history. Zizka Square is surrounded by interesting Bohemian Renaissance style buildings. Here also is the Dean Church of Lord's Conversion on Mount Tabor (a biblical site for which the town is named). The buildings have marvelous facades. The one on the left looks like a wedding cake.

Another side of the square.

The stone blocks on the building in the center back are in a sgraffito technique that decorates many buildings around the square.

I really like the colors and clean design of this building.
Another building decorated with the sgraffito technique.

Here's a detail of the sgraffito blocks. You can see how the top layer was scratched away, revealing the darker layer below.

Here is more intricate sgraffito patterns on the old city hall.

In one of the narrow side roads, I spotted this wrought iron work. What graceful burglar bars!

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